Max Manton is just an ordinary kid. He lives in the rural city of Ballarat in Victoria and goes to school like every other 10 year old. But Max has a secret. He offers to help out an old man - and ends up with the greatest gift he could ever have imagined. He learns to travel through time.

This series of books was written for children who are looking for more than gouls and goblins. It has an Australian focus, and a storyline that will make you feel like you are there. If you like blood and guts and mythical beasts coming out of the woodwork to suck you into another world - there are hundreds of books to read in the library. If you like the truth about ordinary kids struggling against the odds, and the magic of real science and the idea of traveling through time - then TimeStorm is for you.

TimeStorm is that blurry line between truth and fiction - how blurry it gets is up to you.

1. The Gift

2. Believe

3. The Oracle