The Infinity Project was initiated in 1963 (Phase 1) by a group of scientists from around the world. Its main aim was to use the secret discovery of the caesium ion theory to develop a new method of transport for humans and objects.

The scientists involved in the discovery were concerned that the development of time travel may be used by the World Government to keep the masses under control. The discovery was kept secret by the scientists who shifted the research to a remote part of Australia, away from the central control in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. The scientists had to recruit people into their development team, and found inventive ways to be transferred to the Australian location in order to assist the project.

The term 'infinity' is derived from the first meeting of the scientific group which discovered the caesium ion properties. (This group would come to be known as the Virus.) One of the scientists suggested that the applications for this discovery were endless. Hence the word 'infinity'.

The project went through eight development stages before the last generation of transportation became available. The XeroGraph was the culmination of the Infinity devices, bringing portability to the user. Each stage was highlighted by the development of a new level of understanding and a new set of discoveries. Guidelines were set down for the completion of the next stage.

Stage 1 (1963) - Discovery that light which enters a caesium ion chamber exits the other end at 308 times the speed of light, disproving Albert Einsteins theory of relativity which assumes the speed of light is the fastest speed physically possible.

Stage 2 (1964) - Discovery that the movement of time is cyclic, centred around a spiral of events. A diagram and model of time travel is created.

Stage 3 (1968) - Development of  particle division, where inanimate solids are broken into particles which can be sent down a light tunnel and reassembled at the other end.

Stage 4 (1975) - Development of particle division with plant life. This established the ability to reform living tissue through the light tunnel.

Stage 5 (1990) - Development of a Time Tunnel, which allowed objects of any description to placed in a chamber, and transported across the room to another chamber. The width of the caesium ion transport tube had been reduced to the dimensions of a human hair.

Stage 6 (1994) - Discovery and acceptance of spiritual division from the human body. Development of transfer of Spirit through caesium ion transfer tube.

Stage 7 (2006) - Discovery of Localisation Particle Theory. The theory involved the absorbtion of particles from the local area, host and spirit to calculate the position of the body on the earths surface.

Stage 8 (2019) - A combination of LPT, Global Satellite Positioning, Particle and Spirtual Division, caesium ion development leads to the creation of a chamber which allows for the transfer of humans to any position on earth. 

Stage 9 (2027) - Refinement and miniturisation of caesium ion and transportation technology results in the creation of the XeroGraph. Infinity-ix reaches a pinnacle which will enable members of the Virus to go back and change world history to change the future for the better.